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Posted by I

On 8/03/16 I went to 24hr in Santa Fe Springs, CA at 11:30 am. I went in steam room and then jacuzzi, had my wallet wrapped in plastic bags in my pocket walked out of jacuzzi and into locker room, when I found my wallet missing went right back to jacuzzi and no wallet no wallet to be found. Told manager he looked didn't find it, then he looked at security camera footage saw a guy pluck wallet out of water and walk into locker room then leave. It was suggested I file a police report to start investigation. I called 9/16/16 in morning to see what has transpired since. I was disappointed he is still a member at 24 hr fitness. Just before I called 24hr fitness a credit card company called me to see if I had initiated an application for credit I said I did not. That was the 3rd time I received a call asking if I initiated credit application. So this guy is still a member of the club and is trying to get credit under my name. I would think all members of 24hr fitness deserve some protection especially after losing our ID and social security & credit cards. Come on 24 hr fitness step up and revoke this theive's membership.

Posted by Mario

I have been a memeber for 18 years. Never had a complain. I have reffered lots of ppl, but today that changed when I asked if I can use the scale to weight myself. I was told by Jhon at the Buena Park ca. location that the scale was for members only. I was confused, so I asked " im I not a member"? Jhon stated that I dont have a personal tranner. I hope Jhon knows who pays a porton of his paycheck. Anyway, I walked away in hope that I never have to see Jhon again, he killed my positive motivation to continue working out for the day.

Posted by comments

A family member was interested in joining 24hr Fitness,she lives in California,she wanted to try out the club at Hillsboro Oregon.She was treated very bad by one staff member.He would not let her use guest pass inless she paid $20 or signed a membership agreement.Because she lives in California he could not see a benefit to himself.Told her more our less to get lost.This family member was taken aback.She would be a great member.She has a degree in Physical Education and is a certified massage therapist and has her own business.Maybe 24hr Fitness thinks they are the only game in town.This will backfire because I have made it known to everyone I meet not to join 24hr Fitness.Take your buiness elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

Me and my husband received a very terrible customer service just 5 minutes ago so we cancelled our membership. Operations manager, Jennifer did not even apologize that you guys made a mistake and charged the wrong card twice. She is now unforming us that it was not possible to charge another card because we should have informed them 10 days prior. Nobody told us anything like this the day we called in. Unbelievable!! They can't even refund!! Plus she did not even care when we both cancelled the membership! I will share this with everyone and never recommend you!! This is very sad and ugly!!!

Posted by moisesesg

Dear to whom it may concern

Honestly I LOVE 24 Hour Fitness. I've had other gym memberships and various location but 24 has always been my favorite. Being brought up around training and weights has always been my life. My father was a professional boxer and i have trained my entire life in mma. I�m now 22 and like to do all of this on my own. But unfortunately there is always that one individual that ruins your experience. Ill get to that later.

I like to attend several 24 fitness around my home. For example the Super Sport in Yorba Linda CA, great staff great equipment. Then on the other hand there the 24 Hour Fitness in Anaheim.(Address: 1430 N Lemon St, Anaheim, CA 92801 Phone:(714) 525-9924)

The weights/people/ equipment was excellent, BUT THE STAFF....The staff at this specific location is absurd. Not professional at all. They're great at making people feel uncomfortable, great at belittling, insulting, and making accusations. Its sad how a gym can let this happen.

Well my story is, i was working out with my father. We were taking turn alternating at lifting weights, but of course I�m spotting him, I�m the one garbing the weights for him because that�s how i was brought up. There happen to be a personal trainer next to us goes by the name Josh C. I didn't think much of it at the time when he was "training" o fellow customer. Apparently this guy called his co-worker Kenny Fraizer. Kenny stalked my dad and i as we worked out. If there had ever been a time i felt more uncomfortable, it was then. This feeling he gave me was depraved. I wasn�t able to continue lifting. It was horrible. I wondered why was this guy picking on me. I noticed he would stare at my dad and make faces. The only explanation was that he was of a different ethnicity. This now became HARASSMENT. Kenny was walking in my direction and when he finally approached me (me minding my own business) he says "you knew this was coming right." with a horrid (angry) face that frightened me. I asked, what he was referring to and he said "leave or else." When someone says that "or else" my mind was only left to wonder. I was already feeling undermined and insecure because of the ethnicity difference, and when another man approaches you and says that i thought he was going to attack me. I stepped back and he called up the rest of his staff. Kenny insisted that i was training my dad and not working out. If i were training him i would have apologized, but we working out. This was ludicrous. Accusations, and attacking me with such a threatening approach. This cant possible be okay right? When they decided to embarrass and belittle me in front of all the other guest, which i thought was cruel, Kenny kept saying i should leave. I didn�t want to be ridiculed anymore, there was a huge scene, so i decided i should. The manager whom i thought was reasonable only sided with Kenny. I understand he is his co-worker and they must have built bond but one has to side with who is right not just because of the amount of time one knows someone. I went downstairs to gather my things and the manger approached me again. I was already getting ready to leave, why did he have to approach again and add more fire to the flame. Why did he have to try to make a point that he runs the gym, i thought he was there working for my needs. He said he spoke to 6 other members upstairs and supposedly they all said i was training my father. This had to be a lie. He tried to say he was giving me a "verbal warning" but after they had just put me through this didn't seem right. Not only was it Harassment, racism, belittlement, etc... but it almost changed my view on 24 Hour fitness.

I have nothing against the gym I will still attend regularly and invite my peers of course just not to this one in particular, i just hope they would be better at deciding who they hire. This specific establishment because of their staff is absolutely horrid.

Please help me come to some justice.

You can get back to me at my email

Thank you for your time and understanding.

-Moises Madrid

Posted by Tiffanyranney

I went to the Petaluma, ca location on the evening of Wednesday, Jan 06, 2016. I pay a monthly towel service and when I asked for a towel, they refused to give me one and told me I needed to go to Rohnert Park or Samta Rosa to set a towel. I tried to explain to them that I pay a monthly service, separate from my membership fee and they were clueless, telling me that they couldn't help me.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Customer Service protocols are extraordinarily poor. I cannot logon to my account online, and worst yet your company does not have a call escalation process or procedure to speak with supervisors, or management. Are you kidding me????

Your call waiting times are unacceptable. You really should pay better attention to your customer service metriics. ABYSMAL failure!

Please contact me. I would love to have a conversation with someone in a leadership position

Posted by Anonymous

I have a problem with 24 hour enforcing the gym rules. The gym rules are posted and not enforced. Leaving some members to believe that they can disrespect or disregard other gym members health and safety. When the problem is addressed by gym staff, they too are disrespected and disregard.

Posted by Joe

I have been a member of 24 hour fitness since 1992 and the only problem I have ever had is at the 275 Teller Street Corona Ca. 92879 location. Bunch of hood rats running around.

1) All the channels on the television put on programs that exclude news programming due to the thug audience

2) Filthy Men's locker room with filthy sinks full of mucous & hair

3) Equipment out for long durations

4) Rude Staff with attitude

5) Equipment reserved with small note's while other equipment is available (does this mean I can put a small note on gym equipment and remove people?

Posted by Calicoolgirl

I am calling customer service, to cancel my membership. They keeping me on hold for about an hour. I was harassed by security and 24hr employee { F} at Victorville location while I was doing my cardio,because of my faith.{Islam}

Posted by N.A


My name is Brooke Frease. I was at your location in Costa Mesa yesterday across from the condo that I reside in . The address of the gym location is :

Located in: The Triangle

I also attend gyms in point loma San Diego . I was taking a cycling class the day before the woman was amazing. Yesterday when I arrived I was wearing a black sports bra and a pink tank top . I believe I worked out around 45 minutes to a hour. While on my way out of the gym a woman, who gave me a card claiming to be a manager, Amanda. (if that is her name walks up to me very aggressively in a raised voice in front of many members and some employees. She proceeded to tell me that my tank top . Which is from your establishment where I had purchased it not to long ago was in appropriate and that she could see my nipples were raised. I was humiliated. I feel violated I was hurt . The outfit was nothing inappropriate. I told her I would have appreciated it much more if she were to pull me to the side in private and had this discussion. I feel a bit sexually harassed hurt and embarrassed. I like this gym because everyone else is so friendly. I asked to speak to a manager above her and she told me he was busy. Finally he came out with a giggle and a smile and told me to contact who I want in other words. Sad. There was a new trainer handsome young Asian male and I was going to start sessions with him along with my boyfriend Norman Barney who introduced me to this location. I am just hoping that she may be retrained in guest service and how to treat people in these situations. Im now embarrassed to go to your location and feel violated. If you have any questions feel free to call me at or email me via email . I am just hoping no other woman nor man would have to go through this again. Thank you.

Brooke M Frease

Posted by rbstrain

I have been a customer for over 30 years..lifetime membership...had access to all the top gyms.....had financial problems...did not know about the 3 month termination policy...their policy is not customer focused.....everything is technical & no..no..no..we cannot reinstate you. HORRIBLE COMPANY.....ESCONDIDO LOCATION....MANAGER....TRAY. & CORPORATE PERSONNEL AT 800#....THEY LEAVE YOU ON HOLD FOR 30 MINUTES+ so they don't have to talk to you.

Posted by Kent

I'm an Olympic Athlete, a 10 year member and was entering the fitness center this morning when 24 hour employee ran after me and pulled my backpack to stop me after I got the green light to enter. I was swiftly walking - with headphones in my ears - to get to my 5 a.m. trainer appointment.

Apparently my membership had expired, and no one had told me. It had been showing YELLOW to the staff for at least a month so they could alert me, then RED for the last week - and no one paid attention until I was physically pulled back by a trainer b/c I had expired.

As instructed by my trainer, I went and bought a new $650 Costco membership - as now it is more costly since this location is considered a "higher-end" SPORT location - even though the facility has always been dirty and is run down.

When I took the Costco membership in, they said they wouldn't honor it, because my last two years was also a Costco membership and they couldn't do 2 consecutive - "IT'S IN THE FINE PRINT," they said. Well, my last two memberships were back to back Costco memberships and no problem, I said.

"I guess someone looked the other way. You'll have to speak with the manager Monday - Friday; you can't work out this morning."

NICE, 24 Fitness! Great customer service all the way around. No, NO, NO. Run the other way - time for a new gym.

Posted by Munna

I have been going to the gym for year now.I have never been to a 24 Hour Fitness unit Bally's gym was sold to 24 Hour Fitness. Now i am forced to go to 24 Hour Fitness on Alemany Boulevard in San Francisco. In all the years a have been going to the gym,by far this is the worst gym i've ever been to,when it comes down to cleaniness. I have made many complaints IT JUST GOES TO DEAF EARS.This morning i went to take a show there was FECES ALL OVER THE SHOWER .I can put up with NO SOAP,HAND WASH SINK BROKEN FOR MONTHS,PAPERTOWEL ALL OVER THE PLACE AND STINK. BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS.THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to put my account on hold in Stockton Ca. And Sherisse, the manager in a charge at the time was rude.a.and disrespectful. She was confusing so I asked her to repeat herself and she said rudely be patient. Please would've been nice. Then I walk off and she says have a good or better day. I said keep it up and I'll cancel. She says go on right ahead. I asked for the manager and she says she is for the next week. I'm going to cancel. Not worth my money to be treated like that.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to know why the Citrus Heights 24Hour Fitness facility Sauna and Steam Room(s) operating hours shut down at 11:00 p.m. daily. First the Steam Room was shut down at 11:00 a.m. due to the water conservation due to the drought season, now the Sauna Room has shut down at 11:00 p.m. The Sauna Room does not utilize water. The shut down hour is unreasonably early and have interrupted my and others workout schedule. Prior shut down was at 01:00 a.m. which was more acceptable to members due to maintenance having to clean the facility.

Posted by taye

I START 24 HOURS Fitness to member almost one month & i paid for pesonal traing $380.00 .after this payement.imeditly the mangement their call me .after one weaks i am schule but thir said the trainer person he is hospaital.this not fair. this not my problem. after took my accont money reject or ignore me. the location of fitenes rockwal tx


24 Hour Has Been My Gym For Many Years And Allthough I Have Had No Complaints In The Past For The Last 3 Years They Have Been Over Charging Me. Their Employees Seem To Think Its Ok To Lie When It Comes To Covering Up Their Mistakes. Their Management Acts Worse Then Their Employees. Lying Is Not Abnormal In Any Way. I Do Not Recommend This Gym If You Are Easily Annoyed By Billing Mistakes. Otherwise I Love It.

I Also Had One Of The Employees Call The Police On Me Because I Kept Insisting That My Clothes Was In A Locker That Wouldnt Open. She Opened And Closed All The Lockers But When It Came To The Locker I Knew My Stuff Was In She Refused To Let Me Get It Or See It. When The 6 Officers Came Finally I Explained If They Could Please Borrow The Key From Her To See If My Belongings Were In One Of The Three Lockers She Checked. They Found It !!!! She Was Sleep Deprived And Tried To Get Me Arrested Because Of It. This Type Of Behavior Is Common With Employess On Grave Yard. Also She Was Not Fired Or Repremended At All.

Posted by Disappointed Credible Member

My experience at the 24 Hour Fitness on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco has been one the the worst imaginable. My biggest gripe is that the eliptical equipment has not been functioning properly for at least 2 years, although management stated long ago that it was in the process of being repaired. My second gripe is that there is a lack of posted rules so that, for example, some members can be sitting at the equipment for long periods of times while playing with cell phones, etc. My third gripe is that there is no security in the locker room. This resuled in someone breaking my lock and stealing my wallet some time ago, so now I have to carry it on my waistband. Fourth, the women's locker room remains dirty because of some of the clientle. For example, clientle in the women's locker room wash their shoes, wash their hair - leaving many long strands of hair on the sink, throw toilet paper on the floor, etc. That should be monitored by the staff and some simple rules need to be adapted. Finally, although 24 Hour Fitness staff states they have nothing to do with the parking lot, where there is a deficit of parking slots. Unfortunately much abuse takes place ---ie rather than waiting their turn to park, some members
take a slot immediately rather than wait their turn. This results in volatile behavior.

I believe that the corporate office should take my comments seriously as I am a credible member. I've been a health professional for many years and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Even though Blue Shield covers my membership (24 Hour Fitness gets paid each time I check in ), I am attending this gym less often and am considering going to another gym even though I will have to pay out of pocket. At that time, 24 hour Fitness will lose payment from the insurance company.

Posted by Anonymous

July 22,15 Elder Abuse

I Asked A Representive To Please Lower The Music. She Smiled And Laughed. I Asked Her To See The Noise Level Where An Amplifier Was Over The Stationary Bikes.

She Said To Talk To The Manager And Left. I Went Upstairs And Exercised, The Music Was Extremely Loud And After 30 Min. I Began To Develop A Headache. Upon

Leaving I Spoke With

Andrea Hauke,a Manager, She Said To Wear Head Phones Or Ear Plugs. I Am Wearing Ear Plugs, I Said. She Said, That If I Complain The Corporate Office Will Just Send Her An E Mail. I Noticed Another Customer Complaining Yet Nothing Was Done. I Have Been A Member For Many Years And Have Never Complained. The Purpose Of The Gym Is To Help Members Stay Fit Not Make Them Ill.

Posted by Jess

I hope somebody can advise how best to go around this problem in the club located at 336 N Sunrise Ave, Roseville, CA 95661. For the last two month, maybe because of the management changes during evening shift, they switched ambiance music to broadcasting rap radio stations at all times. A lot of songs contain profanity and overtly vulgar, degrading depictions of women theme broadcasting non-stop. Even some rap songs may not contain profanity, the overall gangsta-type "philosophical" pearls of the lyrics does not extend the educational level of mentally demented 12 years old. I definitely do not come to club after work to listen to that. Also I tried to use headphones not to hear all that, they lately have ambiance music too laud, so it is almost impossible not to hear it. I know that several members try to talk to shift managers about that problem, but nothing was done, in contrary, seems like they switch to rap only stations for the last month. I wonder, if this practices even lawful in California? 24 Hour Fitness is a public place with members of all genders and ages including kids starting 12 years old of age (I believe younger children in Kids Club are also listening to those rhymes), so broadcasting songs containing profanity, and mostly extreme controversial messages regarding women maybe against the law. In anyway, I would prefer that matter solved somehow without involving legal complains, but I was not able to find and contact information for 24 Hour Fitness corporate office, and seems like there is no point to complain to shift management as they created the situation at first place and did not respond to other members complains.
I know couple other members who had to switch club of attendance because of that, and at least one person, my co-worker, who I invited, decided not to sign up because of that, and I also think to change the club, but hope corporate management can do something to prevent shift managers to transform the fitness club into their private rap night club during evening shifts.

Posted by Mad Mike

Ripped Off!!!! After being a member for over 12 years I was ripped off today. I never received my annual bill and when I went in they told me it is no longer a 3 month grace period. It was due on the 31 of May. Less then a month. TERMINATED! !!! But they will renew my membership at over 15 times the amount. Whatever. That is the new plan for 24 hour fitness.... Get rid of the old members with great rates so we can bring them back in at a higher rate. When I called the customer service number I could not believe how rude I was treated. It is not about customer service or the customer anymore. It is a con game. Get you to sign, get you to pay and then wait for you to make a mistake so they can do it to you again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have called 3 times now and get put on hold for 15-20 minutes...cannot reach anyone. I have also emailed with my problem and do not receive a reply. How do I solve my problem ?

Posted by Anonymous

I called this afternoon at 2:30 pm to inquire if the pool heather at the downtown pasadena california club has been fixed. A pleasant male answered the phone told me "I don't know, I think it is but I just got here, call us back in 30 minutes", I was surprised by his answer, I asked if he could ask one of his co-workers, so that I don't have to call back again, to which his response was "they are on a lunch break and I cannot ask them when they are at lunch". I was taken aback by that answer and said "wow, really? to which he responded 'thank you very much and the conversation was finished. I think we have all been very patient waiting for the pool to be back to working order. It all started on January 10, 2015 when the pool was supposed to get refurbished, it got delayed until the middle of March after which the pool heather went out. We waited days for a part to arrive after approval from corporate and now I can't get a simple answer if the pool heather is back in working order. The only way for me to find out if it is working is by calling or coming in and check for myself. To be told to call back in 30 minutes is disappointing and poor service to say the least.

Posted by pj

Wow, This Has Been The Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!!!!! I Hope Your C.e.o. Elizabeth Blair Reads This And Investigates Her Customer Service Employees, The Customer Lack Of Service Calls Started On Thursday April 2nd 2015 And Has Continued Today April 9th, 2015. I Truly Hope You Have Recordings Of The Conversations And Can See They Lied To Me, Hung Up, Transferred Me To Other People Who Were Extremely Rude!!!! I Was Told To Fax In Documentation That My Identity Was Comprimised And My Credit & Debit Cards Had Fraudulent Activity/charges On Them. Therefore They Had Been Cancelled To Protect Me By My Bank! I Did Not Visit The Gym At All Do To Major Surgery Around This Time As Well, A Customer Service Agent Told Me After Disconnecting Me On April 2nd That 24hr Fitness Billing Dept Would Wave Any And All Back Fees (4 Months) As A Courtesy If I Could Please Fax In Information From My Bankn Showing Fraud. After A Few Hours At The Bank I Was Given Documentation And Faxed It To The Number Given To Me On April 8th 2015. I Called Today April 9th To Confirm They Received My Bank Info. The First Lady I Spoke With In Membership Hung Up On Me Brittany, I Called Back And Spoke With Anne And She Passed Me On To Tatianna? All Super Rude And Argumentitive Basically Calling Me A Liar. I Asked Them If The Conversations Were Recorded To Check Because Your Customer Service Agfent Made A Verbal Agreement On The Phone With Me On April 2nd! I Would Never Have Gone Through All This Trouble And Agrivation If I Wasn't Told To Do So And The Fees Would Be Waved As A Courtesy For Everything I Have Been Through!!!!! Seriously The Reps Got Worse And I Called And Spoke With Aaron And He Had Brittany Call Back Agin The Rudest Most Disrespectful 24hr Customer Service Representative Ever!!!! She Was So Incredibly Rude All Of Your Reps I Dealt With Should Be Fired!!!! Brittany Proceeded To Tell Me With Poor English That My Membership Is Now Cancelled????
I Am Blown Away Of How Much Aggravation I Have Been Put Through And The Loss Of Time Dealing With All Of This After A Verbal Contarct/agreement By Your Representative!
I Will Abe Following Up With Letters And Media If This Is Not Resolved Properly And I Don't Have These Fees Waived As Well As An Apoplogy For This Rude Disrespectful Treatment!

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Posted by Dr.L

I dont get it.. How anyone could say any negative about compton manager Mr. Quecada. he truely cares about the gym and all of the many many issues that constsntly occur. i think he deserves combat pay for some of the people that bring their negativity into the gym

Posted by a

I called in to downgrade and that's exactly what they did. The process was quick and painless and the call took no more than three minutes. Very satisfied.

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