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    • 13.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 32 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Marquita

I have never met a insurance company that will cancel your policy because you make a claim. People make claims all day everyday.

Posted by [email protected]

I have refinanced the truck. that I have insured with you. Please change the beneficiary to SPCCU credit Union and facs a copy to them as quickly as possible. Their facs number is . Thank you very much.

Edward T Krajack

Posted by Vikaas

U guys run one of the most costly and THE WORST DTH services in India by the name TATA SKY...the service structure u have created is on of the worst:
- The customer service numbers are always busy and donot contact back
- Half of the channel dont work.
- Signal comes and goes on its own will
- If ur service guys comes, he ask for additional money and payment for every visit of his automatically deducted .. THOUGH THE PROBLEM REMAIN UNRESOLVED..
- the company has created a cheating structure

Recommend you to review your indian operations..


Posted by ANON

My experience with 21st insurance has been horrible! From the moment I enrolled (6 months ago) to this day, when I was talking to their customer service department regarding my renewal policy. With every single phone call, I've been given wrong information - or information that would change according to the person I was talking to. They are extremely unhelpful especially considering the fact that my questions are due to their inability to keep their facts straight!

I had a accident that they told me would drop from my premium within three years. Taking that into consideration, I continued to pay the high premium amount until today. I received the renewal policy & related documents and saw that the premium was EXACTLY THE SAME. When I called to ask, the woman named JADGIA, just petulantly stated that the information I received previously was false. EXCUSE ME? I received that information from YOUR company, from the company YOU work with - how dare YOU give ME the attitude for something I am blameless for!! There was absolutely NO apologies for their subpar service. Thus, I went to look for another policy quote which provided me with a quote that is $71 less each month - THAT's $726 LESS for the 6 month policy. If they didn't give me that false information before, when I first enrolled, I DOUBT that I would have stayed on with this insurance company

Posted by Anonymous, 9/30/14

I have read the horror stories while checking GOOGLE for a 21st Century Corporate Office. I start reading & my jaw dropped to China! I was VERY sick about a year ago, very. I failed to give my son the tags & he was pulled over, my mistake. 21st Century JACKED up my premium $600 +, just for tags! My son had an accident while driving my 2003 Chevy Silverado. He hit a 2014, Kia Soul, $1400, claim closed. My idiot stupid son didn't tell me, I found out from the claim adjuster. I wasn't called by them to inform me, I wasn't informed if there were 3 estimates & she refused to send me a copy of the car damage, privacy issues. NOW, I am beginning to get scared...what amt will my policy be jacked up now? Will I be dropped? I have been with 21st Century for 12 years (after I dropped ALLSTATE). They used to have local offices but closed them either in 2008 or 2009. I have called twice to find out my NEW premium amt. I was told I couldn't find out till 12/14. I asked if I was going to be dumped, AGAIN I was told to call back. Well, pure, plain & simple that is not right! I AM THE CUSTOMER!!!My questions are valid if not appropriately LEGAL!!!! I called today, early & I was told a supervisor would call me back, NOPE, NO CALL!! I am entitled to this info, I am told about a chain of command, well, I ain't gonna torture myself. Food for thought. Google their corp ofc in Wilmington, DE. Find out who the State Attorney is & start making calls. The Better Business Bureau in DE. Find out what agency polices insurance companies. Send a certified letter with a return receipt. Since it's a corporation anyone can find out who the top people are, send 2 letters to different people. Keep record of EVERYTHING!!!! More & more consumers are getting ya gotta take the bull by the horns & testicles!!! Don't let time go by & don't wait for a call back. Lay out pictures, if pertinent, lay out your expectations & give a timeframes pertinent to your issues. Let's stop getting

Posted by Anonymous

My husband cancelled our card insurance on June 25th and you still took the payment of $461.85 out of our account on the 27th. When my husband called, he was told that the money plus another $219.00 would be refunded to us by July 4th. We have yet to see any of this money in our account. You totally ruined our vacation last week with our son in Maryland. Every time someone talked to one of your representatives or supervisors, we were told "it will be in your account the next day." My husband talked with someone on Friday and they needed to see proof that it came out, so my husband was able to get copies and fax them over to you. Someone called my husband and said we would see it on Monday. Again, not in account. Now, my husband was talking to someone today, and they said we are only getting the $219. This is ridiculous. You owe us the other money too. We have bills to pay and need the $461. Why would we pay for to have two insurances. We are just so upset, that we are about to get a lawyer and report you to The Better Business Bureau. You have treated us just terrible. If you are any kind of reputable company you will make sure that we have the whole refund given to us.

Posted by Anonymous

why 21 century doesn't have any main office for customer so if they have any complain they can go directly in person. like state farm and other insurance they do have main office in order for us to go directly if we have a complain. so i though of that and i believe that 21 century just want to steal our money why because we can go directly and complain in person we have to do it by phone but all times by phone the customer service sucks why because they repeat themselve over and over and never tell you the reason

Posted by Anonymous

why 21 century doesn't have any main office for customer so if they have any complain they can go directly in person. like state farm and other insurance they do have main office in order for us to go directly if we have a complain. so i though of that and i believe that 21 century just want to steal our money why because we can go directly and complain in person we have to do it by phone but all times by phone the customer service sucks why because they repeat themselve over and over and never tell you why is that.

Posted by discussed

Never had a problem with car insurance in my 35 years of driving they took all that away in less than a month of having them as a so called insurance company which they caused my registration license plate suspended license suspended because of their imcompitant service the worse I ever had i went back to a real company GEICO expensive but guess what they know what they are doing and plus if anything is wrong they call you right away WATCH OUT FOR THIS FRAUD OF A COMPANY

Posted by Outraged!!

I signed up with this company for my car insurance they took my credit card for monthly transactions they were so eager to get everything done.!! they sent my insurance cards and everything so happens when the transaction didn't go through they didnt even contact me they sent my insurance verification and all but I drove my car for a month with my children and grandchild with NO INSURANCE the cancelled my policy and didnt even call me that their was a problem with the payment they obviously took down something wrong because I clearly had the money but the principle of the point is that THEY SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED THE CONSUMER!!! The only way I knew I had no insurance is because the DMV sent me a letter when I called they said their is nothing they could do that the payment didnt go through they couldnt help at all. It was their mistake!!!!It took two weeks for me to get answers I sent numerous emails i called several time they never answer they dont have 24 hour help they dont care about anyone at all their is no customer service at all for days at a time....now my plates and registration is suspended and I have to pay a civil fee

Posted by JSB

21st Century has now ruined my life because they refuse to take 3 payments over 1 thousand dollars from a mistake on their part. I am so sick to my stomach about it and now nobody will call me back. I would like to speak to the HIGHEST person possible ASAP. Is this phone number for the headquarters? This is unbelievable.

Posted by Sid

In 2012 my policy lapsed. I called to reinstate it. I requested the identical coverage I had before. Due to a clerical error on the part of 21st's representative, car rental was omitted. Now I have had a minor accident and am told I have no coverage even though they have admitted it was the company's error. They are trying to bill me retro to 2012 for coverage I should have had from the beginning. I have been a customer for approximately 20 yrs and spent thousands on insurance during that time. Out of good faith for my continued patronage the company should cover the expense. They have refused to do so. As a result I am dropping coverage with your company and going with State Farm. Even the body shop, recommended by 21st Century, has said what a terrible company you are. Before 21st merged with Farmers it was an excellent company. Now it is just a disgusting heap of garbage. I hope the $100 in retro coverage is worth the loss of a customer to you. I wonder if the stockholders know how ignorant the employees at 21st are, and what a horribly run company it is.

Posted by TERIS

I am finished with 21st Century Insurance thanks to their lousy customer service and Tim Fenu, Director, Operations. I can't stand it when someone who has a title like 'Director, Operations' does not SIGN HIS OWN LETTERS.What is that all about? I'm so important that they don't even have to sign correspondence that has been mailed to me. I called c.s. about two weeks ago to make a few changes. I sold my old car and I bought a new one....simple enough, right? WRONG! The woman I spoke with did not seem to be confused but SHE WAS!! I do not drive much. I'm retired and honestly only drive my car about 3 thousand miles (if that)every year. Last year Tim Fenu got this confused. He put that I only had 3,000 miles on my 2002 Toyota instead of putting in the 3,00o as my annual miles. Guess what? After I slowly explained to the woman on the line what had happened last year and why I wanted to make sure she didn't make the same mistake.....SHE DID PLUS INSTEAD OF TAKING ONE CAR OFF SHE JUST ADDED ONE CAR AND KEPT THE OLD ONE ON AS WELL!!! Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right one is doing.....I got updates to my policy from Tim, not the woman I spoke with and he obviously had not clue that 'HE' sent the letters because he sent two different sets. One said my policy premium had increased 5 times what it was before PLUS (and this part is why I'm quitting this company today...I specifically called the office of 21st century over two months ago and made it crystal clear that I did not want any more automatic payments coming out of my checking account. I was already thinking I had to get rid of this company and knew that they might try to debit my account when the premium was due plus they had just done this on the new and updated premium (which now has me owning a Volvo and a Toyota) to cover the increases in the policy. I suppose I'll have to call them since I co not want them taking any more money THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO TAKE OUT!!!!!i AM A SENIOR CITIZEN AND BECAUSE THEY TOOK OUT 600 DOLLARS THAT I HAD NOT AUTHORIZED THEM TO DO, I HAD TO PAY $60 IN OVERDRAFT FEES. I'm wondering if this company is one who hires no one but developmentally delayed folks. No, my friends who are developmentally delayed wouldn't have made such STUPID MISTAKES. Good God Peopl ...GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. SHAME ON YOU FOR DOING SUCH LOUSY BUSINESS AND CAUSING CITIZENS GRIEF WHICH THEY DO NOT DESERVE OR WANT. YOU SHOULD NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS WHEN YOU SCREW UP LIKE THIS. YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY AND IMMEDIATELY SEND A CHECK TO THE PERSON YOU SCREWED!!GOOD BY. stay away from this company....STAY FAR AWAY!!

Posted by angry

like a lot of lge companies 21st has lost it's way. every 6 mo's i put my auto ins up for bid. last time i had just recieved a $200.00 yearly rate increase from 21 . i have a perfect driving record, they decided to punish me for picking and insuring bad drivers. i contacted them and was told in nice terms everything goes up. i had the same chat with my cable co who advised me to tighten another belt to pay for their product, i turned off the cable. the theory that doing without food to pay for golf clubs for ceo's doesn't work for me. as like the cable co. i have to say goodby to 21'st century. i will locate another insurance co, without gutting my policy. there will always be another company to choose from. my rabbit ears work fine and i have $1200.00 more yearly to polish them. so goes 21st century insurance. policy

Posted by Anonymous

I have written several e-mails to you but it seems that the e-mails were not posted to you or it has not reached the right CUSTOMER SERVICE. Anyway, I wanted to be taken out of AUTOPAY because I'd rather be billed and I will pay by check. So please send me a bill for the next payment and DON'T DEDUCT IT FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT. Thank you very much.

Posted by connie24vvt

Due to storm damage I had to file a claim recently, 9/12/13, I have never in my life seen a company that didn't know what the if right hand was doing while holding the pen with their right hand. Let me also state that their customer service people will not allow you to speak to a corporate supervisor about your claim, they outsource companies to handle your claim. It's the most useless company to try and get a solid answer from. They may tell you it's Farmers but the reality is it's Oakwood in Phoenix, AZ. One screw up after Another. Still 1 month later not one thing has begun on my house, mold is in there now, we have asthma, we are still out of school district for our children, I drive close to 90 miles a day to bring my one child to school, my other child is disabled so he is receiving no education. Oakwood can't get one check correct to provide to a potential landlord within the school district, and the supervisor told the insurance adjuster to mail a $27,000 check out to us in first class mail, nit even registered. The check then has to go to Chase bank for the mortgage company to distribute funds for reconstruction. I hope the house pipes freeze burst and chase can keep the house and fight with the insurance company. This is a bad faith company, don't use 21st century if you want customer service.

Posted by Bruce

Worst company I have ever dealt with. It is impossible to get answers from their claim people Brandon King (very self indulgent) His boss Douglas Kowalski and that guys boss Daniel Smith. The most self centered piece of insurance you will ever meet. The combined effort of these reps is cover each others butts. This group of nimrods works out of the Sacramento office. Hope you never have to deal with them.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for 10 days to pay my insurance bill. I attempted online as well as over the phone. The policy number that was given to me does not register in there system is what I've been told online as well as their automated system. Why? I don't know, but if this is any indication of what's to come, I am definitely finding another insurance company.

Ray Jones

Posted by shellyhshell

I have been with 21st century for 21 years.I had a family emergency in CA and the payment slipped my mind. I live in AZ. I had till the 12th to pay and I called on the 14. My six month premium was $190.41. They informed me that I could not get my policy reinstated and if I wanted a new policy it would cost $440 and come change. The rep told me it was so much higher because I didn't have insurance. I started with another ins co. and got a quote from 21st. The premium was $395 and some change. I called to ask why there was such a increase. The rep told me ins rates change daily. I asked if going from $190.41 to $395 in a matter of days was normal. She informed me she already explained it and Asked if I wanted their ins. I told her I was just trying to find out why the big change. To that she said there are other people who wanted policies thru them and I just cant understand and hung up. You would think that since I had been with them for 21 years she would have given me a few minutes and explain it to where I could understand. This isn't the 1st time I have had problems with the customer service and I use that title loosely considering the lack of service. I would like to talk to someone in the corporate office.

Posted by CA Medicine Woman

Shortly after getting auto coverage with this company, we went on a cross country trip. About half way back to Wisconsin from California, my debit card stopped working, leaving us stranded without gas or a way to get home.

It turned out this company had taken two years worth of premiums from my bank account, and had tried a couple of more times to get more, all within a 30 minute time frame the night before. I was forced to take a "checking advance" from my bank (and pay a charge of 10% of the amount) to pay overdraft fees, get home, and keep enough money available in my account to cover outstanding transactions until the next time I was paid.

21st Century claims it was "a computer error" on their end that caused the problem, and that thousands were effected by it (just in that one night. I guess that would explain why it took nearly two hours to get through to them by phone. It took two weeks to get my money back, which did not include the overdraft and loan fees I had to pay (exceeded $200) to my bank for what they did. Meanwhile, they earned interest on the money they held in their own bank accounts that wasn't theirs!

I switched my insurance to another insurer once I got my money back and the check cleared. I also switched banks, for their part in this whole mess, and ended up in ChexSystems due to the many overdrafts caused by 21st Century right before I closed my account with them (yes, they can legally do that, even if they are owed nothing).

Thanks a lot 21st Century! I'll be sure to tell as many as I can about your billing practices and profitable "computer errors."

Posted by Anonymous

This company is a scam.After I was rear ended by their policy holder, I was denied part of my repair bill. Trying to speak with someone in charge, I was given the run around. I can't even write to Corporate Headquarters to let them know of their company's gross injustice, because "nobody knows their address or telephone number." Please, please don't choose this company for auto insurance: they are one of the worst in greed and cheapness.

Posted by hanson

i have been with them about 7 years and all i have had is trouble with them they raised my rates about 300.00 dollars a year i have never had a ticket or accident they said it was because of my credit they will never get any more money from me and i found alot better company never had this kinda of service they dont care about you all they care about is getting the money will never go back sorry i was with them as long as i was

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke to the Sales Agent in the
Wilmington, Delaware office. She was
extremely unknowledgeable and unhelpful.
She even got angry when I did not want the
insurance. I advise everyone not to call
this company. The rates were extremely
high and the service was appalling.

Posted by nonono

One Word HORRIBLE!!! 21st Century is by far the Worst in Customer Service.. I had to drop them just after 2 weeks. They were completely Unhelpful and Useless not the way to be if you like having Customers. I requested that my car insurance ID cards be sent to my home address..off your website..sounds simple right..Not with this company! It has now 10 days later and i have received absolutley nothing to my home address from them. I contact them through email and phone and still no resolution. Well to make a long story short I have nothing to do with this Garbage of a company anymore!! I will be sure to let everyone know how crappy your service is and to stay away!

Posted by sharonpr

Got a great deal with 21st Century through my husband's union. Good rates HORRIBLE customer service. Just spent over an hour on the phone with them so they could correct a mistake they made. Agent Janice Lawson got confrontational with me. Her mistake--she didn't know who she was arguing with. Finally got transferred to a supervisor who seems competent--guess we'll see.

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