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1and1 customer service is ranked #840 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 20.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 26 ratings. This score rates 1and1 customer service and customer support as Terrible.


25 Negative Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 96.15%.


1 Positive Comment out of 26 Total Comments is 3.85%.

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    • 20.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 25 negative comments (96.15%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.85%)
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by pierre

1and1 really sucks. How can that german company be fit for the us market?
they outsource all calls to people who do not understand what we say and do not answer the question.

Besides it is nearly impossible to cancel a domain name or a contract automatically with 1and1. you always need to go through somebody on the phone, and it takes hours to do anything.

Really bad service (not the fault of the operator who tries to do well, but the fautl of the one who designed and validated this crappy customer service).

Made my mind that I will be spending hours with 1and1 to transfer all my domains and hosting to godaddy. It will take time to cancel those contracts but at least when I am done, I can cancel my account at 1and1 and kiss them goodbye for real.

Posted by Anonymous

1and1 made a charge that should have never been charged to my card. I had moved my domains to another registrar the same night my domains were expiring. The new registrar charged me the annual fees for the newly moved domain names. Several days later 1and1 charged me again for the same domain names that I had previously moved to the new registrar. This was in the middle of March 2016. The charge was refunded by 1and1 - however I did file a dispute claim at the time of the charge with my bank to be sure I would get my funds back. Once my bank saw the refund from 1and1 my bank canceled the dispute. It is now May 6, 2016 and 1and1 has locked me out of my account for approximately the last three weeks stating that my bank took the same amount of money (because of the dispute)that 1and1 refunded to me. My bank clearly stated to 1and1 that they never took any funds from them regarding this matter. They will not unlock my account as of this post. This company ridiculous - they are holding my account hostage wanting me to sign a charge back form otherwise will not release my account from being locked. To boot - customer service is horrible and once escalated to level 2 management the level 2 rep wants to argue with me. The level 2 management would not speak with my bank on the phone because the phone call would be recorded - that's weird, 1and1 was recording my phone call at the time. What would 1and1 care if the call is recorded if they are being straight about everything. I asked for proof that the funds had been taken from 1and1's account and to provide some type of evidence. That is one other thing that is not of their policies. They record almost all phone calls - they loop hole is for quality control. What ever happened to go customer service. I will tell you - it went over to godaddy 24/7/365 - their customer service is awesome. 1and1 is going to be of the past at the rate they are going.

Posted by Anonymous


I am not getting assistance but these are what i want:

1. We payed for webhosting but by mistake we got 1&1 MyWebsite Personal (It was fully paid for).

2. Please cancel and delete from my account 1&1 MyWebsite Personal.

3. The money that we paid for &1 MyWebsite Personal is enough for webhosting

4. Add 1&1 Unlimited web hosting (12 months billing) using the money we paid.

5. Please help me.

Posted by Alex

They have low pricing, but this draws a number of other disadvantages. Their interface didn't allow setting up glue records for private nameservers when a domain is pointed to custom name servers.. and their support appeared to be, sorry, imbecile. I ended up with giving them links to their own kb articles, wiki links and commands, but even that didn't help. Finally, they just ignored my email for over 9 days (for this moment).

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service that I have ever experienced. Noone even bother about customer query.

Posted by Anonymous

Hold times way too long by the time you get someone you are upset and it is not fair to the reps

Posted by ReRe

Have been with 1 & 1 for about 8 years. Still have some few domains there. (Forwarding to other websites) Nothing serious anymore. Just recently transferred most domains to my GoDaddy UK account. 1 & 1 has the WORST EVER dashboard, the most complicated website navigation, and beside Weebly, the most horrible customer """service""".

Just forget about this company!

Posted by SuperAngryCustomer

Today is July 31, 2015. Someone logged in and redirected our sites to another host. According to 1 and 1 "technical support", after 2 HOURS on the phone, and after she provided me the IP address of the hacker, the only explanation I received (14 times), is that because someone from my company called and spoke with a supervisor in MAY of 2014, someone from my company clearly logged in and change it, and I have to call the new service to "rescue" my website. Excuse me? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Hello, security violations. Say good by to your job, "Supervisor Sharon".

Posted by benjamin j clette

STAY AWAY FROM 1and1. They bill you for all kinds of things you didn't ask for. The billing goes on and on and reaching CS to get it stopped is impossible. They have a whole system set up to defeat you reaching them. I am in a nightmare scenario with them to cancel my services. It's been going on for the 7th month. You can not cancel! They get your credit card and your stuck FOREVER paying. It's HORRIBLE!!

Posted by TomP

Been using them for over 7 years and have never dealt with worse customer support or customer relations.

Keep getting emails with a real person signing it, asking to contact him personally with concerns.

Tried that and so far, over six days, and no sign that the person is real.

Oh, did I say, that no one has acknowledged my note?

Posted by alextech

I cannot believe how awful your service has become. I have referred many of my clients to you to register their domain - because of the free private registration - and suddenly you are requiring them to provide prof of identity by sending you a pdf. As it happens, this client doesn't even know what pdf means!

How insulting to, without warning, do this. No reply to my email about it, and your phone system doesn't work - call dropped. Sales had no answer.

Posted by abnsite.com

I have been with 1and1 for over 3 years now, and I am sorry to say that, but it is by far the worse company that I have had to deal with. Noone in this company ever listing to the customers. They always want to tell you what they think. It is always about them, never about the customers, and if you disagree, they put you on hold for 30 to 45 minutes until you get tired and hangup, or they just hangup. On November 10, 2014, they shutdown my website, I could not get any email. They just transfer my services without calling me. When I called them to find out why, they hanged up on me 4 times. One of the persons that I spoke to was Allison

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on hold with 1and1 now for 62min over a DNS issue we are having on a clients domain. I would never ever use them again. I will start moving all our customers domains off to another hosting service. This is the last straw.

Posted by Crazyhorse

It only gets worse.. having ordered some new domains they put them on new instant domain packages (with no hosting) and not on the dual unlimited package on which I ordered the domains. They now tell me that for the new TLD domains they can't be put on my existing account and I will need to buy another hosting package or for old TLD domains they will charge me to move them between accounts. They are acting like internet crooks. They new domain interface is a joke, I have seldom seem such rubbish. AVOID

Posted by G. Brose

For the past several months I have had to deal with epic levels of incompetence with this company. Their recent site redesign has rendered use of their services a near impossibility and my hundreds of domains in a sort of limbo as I try to cajole their employees to make the necessary changes to release my domains. Complete buffoons, these people.

Posted by L. S. Moodie

For 3 months now, I have had to endure character-building tests of having to deal with a company whose incompetency ranges from the salesperson to the designers to the technical support department to the billing department to even the Director of Complaints (the complaints range from promising capabilities it could not hold up to, to design incapabilities, to billing problems, to transferring of my website domain name to another web host to executive problems). Also in this company, the saying "1 hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing" could not be more appropriate. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Posted by [email protected]

hy this is keith luvoyrd griffin my email is i am on the phone whating to talk to someone i open a account about 8 months ago i received about three days ago from a mlady named hillary talking a applycation of a site of going back to school applycation when i been applying for job at the airport in st.louis mo as security that i took the test and the told me that i did not pass the test and the test was base on math english and history and looking thrue a computor screen for this like weapons it been and printeing money job and was someone hacking into my email account i open the 1and1 account 8 months ago and it was for a three months trial and i talk to lee and robert about the account i got disconnected lee hungup

Posted by cust ID: K234623552

I moved recently, & haven't had the use of internet before now. I also had to change banks for lack of a close enough facility. ergo no way to set up a payment. regards to you! please send info I will need to set up auto pay starting in November. I'll catch up on payments as soon as i'm able to.

Posted by Klytus

It has become appearant that employee's add extra acct's to sceam clients of money, and when ask for billing you end up dealing with street people who dont care,I have been scam out of $170 No supervisor / management to assit

Posted by 1and1.com


Posted by 1and1 SUCKS

Worst customer "service" experience of my life. I tried to transfer a domain away from them, but they obviously make it intentionally difficult. Trying to get someone to help is near impossible. Finally, after 5 straight days of trying, I was able to get through to a person who helped just barely enough to allow me to move my domain. Stay away from 1and1!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Me

1and1 Customer Support really sucks.. there solution to their messups is "do something yourself" my recent experience with a guy called "Mark" is that he raised his voice at me? what kind of company has a customer relationship management like this? Completely untrained in ethics and overloaded with work hence having no patience. i would say avoid at all costs! I am moving to another hosting provider. Customer Support believe me matters loads. (Dedicated Hosting User)

Posted by Anonymous

GOOD LUCK REACHING THEM for customer service, they hide on purpose. Don't ever get mixed up with 1and1 you will never get rid of them. No matter how many times you cancel they just keep billing. When you cancel the card or stop payment they turn you over to collections to ruin your credit. It's keep paying forever or we'll hold you hostage.

Posted by Jason

This comapncy is horriable pay a little more it is worth it. I cancelled my service over a yr ago and just recieved a bill from a 3rd party company for server fees. when I cancelled I did not tell them to remove me from there server, is what they are telling me. Really I thought cancel my service would mean everything.

Posted by Dissapointed Derek

These people have billed me for several domain renewals on an invoice despite having written notice of cancellation (which they even deny receiving). They were unable to take the automated charge through my credit card as i had closed the account. Instead they renewed anyway. They have ignored e-mail complaints to their complaints department and have simply passed on the "debt" to a collections agency. I will be passing their details to trading standards as I see their renewal and billing without authority as a potential fraud. A websearch confirms that this is a common practice with this company. I will not be using them again.

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Posted by Verandaguy

I had to transfer a hosting package from being standalone to being linked to a domain, also registered at 1and1. I contacted 1and1 support by phone, and the issue was resolved within ten minutes. At the end of the call, the rep suggested that for future issues, I can also use the forum; I've so far made use of it twice, at the beginning of my subscription at 1and1, to resolve migration issues from GoDaddy.

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